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Welcome to Madre's Kitchen! I am so glad you visited my blog about cooking and all things healthy. I am a cook, not a chef. One of my hearts desires is to hit the road when disaster strikes and feed people a home cooked meal. First, however, I need a portable kitchen! Home cooked relief can bring healing on many levels. Since my breast cancer, food awareness has helped me to discover and apply a more healthy lifestyle for myself. It has taught me to promote better healing and health through treatments. I will be sharing that information here too. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kale Chips

Yet another thing I learned from my daughter.....how to make kale chips.  These are an easy way to satisfy the craving for crunchy, salty and repetitive bag diving we like to do when we eat chips.  I have taken them to football games and movies (best packed in crush proof container).  They are packed with vitamins and a healthy way to get your kids to eat something green.  The only thing about them when you are cooking them is to be careful not to burn them......they become a bit bitter and you might lose interest if they taste bad right off the bat.  Here is the recipe along with pictures for you to follow along.

Wash and pull stems off kale leaves.
1 tsp of olive oil and drizzle over kale pieces.

I love to use organic whenever affordable and possible so here I am using some pink rock salt from Australia that my friend brought me as a gift.  You can also get this spice at The Spice Shop in Austin on 6th Street close to Lamar.  Salt to taste.  Mix again with hands covering kale with salt.

Spread out onto a cookie sheet making sure they are not piled up on top of each other so that the air can get to all leaves.  Put in a 325 degree oven and bake for about 20 mins keeping a close eye not to burn.
The result will be yummy dark green chips light and crunchy that will last for days unless you get a snack attack and gobble them up in one sitting.
Enjoy.  Stay tuned for more great recipes from Madre's Kitchen.