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Welcome to Madre's Kitchen! I am so glad you visited my blog about cooking and all things healthy. I am a cook, not a chef. One of my hearts desires is to hit the road when disaster strikes and feed people a home cooked meal. First, however, I need a portable kitchen! Home cooked relief can bring healing on many levels. Since my breast cancer, food awareness has helped me to discover and apply a more healthy lifestyle for myself. It has taught me to promote better healing and health through treatments. I will be sharing that information here too. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Flavor Blending

I have been amazed how my tastebuds have changed since cancer.  Real sugary things really don't have an appeal. More plant based diet, which is better anyway for me, has become the norm.  I have a beautiful big garden that I love to pull from every day.  I try and eat green mostly and things that I know where they came from.  I harvest eggs from my chickens and buy meats from local butcher insuring the freshness and organic origins.  Wild game has become more present on my plate and less meats and more fish.  Here is a small quick lunch I fixed with left overs.  Not necessarily that green, but really fresh.
I hope you will enjoy.

Roasted Corn and Chicken Salad

Cut roasted corn left over from the night before in long strips if you can and lay them on the plates.
Add slices of roasted chicken, this one from the grocery, you can cook in oven or on grill.
Sprinkle blueberries and goat or feta cheese.
Take a melon baller and add some watermelon balls.
The key is this Red Plum Balsamic Finishing Vinegar from La Barre.  Others say you can't find it in America so my sweet friend from Australia brings me some with pink Himalayan salt flakes.  A nice touch instead of salad dressing.

I was amazed at how these flavors blended.  I have never eaten them together before.  When I am cooking and thinking about what to add, its as if the taste jumps into my mouth first to tell me what to add.  Does that sound weird?    This was delightful, light and refreshing as a snack, small lunch or full meal.  I loved it and hope you will too.