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Welcome to Madre's Kitchen! I am so glad you visited my blog about cooking and all things healthy. I am a cook, not a chef. One of my hearts desires is to hit the road when disaster strikes and feed people a home cooked meal. First, however, I need a portable kitchen! Home cooked relief can bring healing on many levels. Since my breast cancer, food awareness has helped me to discover and apply a more healthy lifestyle for myself. It has taught me to promote better healing and health through treatments. I will be sharing that information here too. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Quail Tacos

This picture does not do them justice.  I need to get a better camera, hint hint, instead of using my phone camera.  Although many of my pictures come from my phone.
Since the cancer diagnosis we have been eating more wild game.  This was a case of what's in the freezer, fridge and pantry.  
We thawed four quail and put them on our Big Green Egg and cooked normally.   We did not based or do anything special to them. We pulled the meat off the bone.
I had some blueberries in the fridge, cabbage, onion and herbs so started putting tastes together in my mind that somehow transfers to my mouth.  Not sure how that is but it happens.
So I made an xagave (1tsp) and unrefined sugar (1T) syrup with the blueberries (1/2cup) and reduced down to a thickened sauce.
Then I added half and half to smooth it out.  Not sure how much probably about 1/3c. just enough to lighten the color.  I would have added coconut milk to do the same but was out of it.
Then I went out to my garden and clipped lavender and mint to chop and put in sauce
(a pinch or two).
I sautéed the 1 onion with the cabbage (about 1/3 of head) and in hindsight I would keep the cabbage crunchy next time and just reduce onions down.
I used white corn tortillas.
That is it.  You basically build your taco however you want and it looks and sounds very exotic and hard to fix......
Roasted quail tacos with onion cabbage and blueberry reduction wrapped in a white stone ground corn tortilla.  Using all my adjectives whenever possible to make this sound outlandish.
Don't be fooled by the title.  It's as simple as pie!  Enjoy.

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