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Welcome to Madre's Kitchen! I am so glad you visited my blog about cooking and all things healthy. I am a cook, not a chef. One of my hearts desires is to hit the road when disaster strikes and feed people a home cooked meal. First, however, I need a portable kitchen! Home cooked relief can bring healing on many levels. Since my breast cancer, food awareness has helped me to discover and apply a more healthy lifestyle for myself. It has taught me to promote better healing and health through treatments. I will be sharing that information here too. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Celery Based Salad

This salad complimented our pork tenders and Portabella Mushrooms we grilled on the Green Egg.  We also had roasted potatoes.  I pretty much made this up with ingredients I had. It actually turned out great and would have tasted even better with roasted pine nuts. Next time. In the summer a nice compliment would be strawberries or watermelon. Look forward to it. Here is how to create this deliciously fresh tasting salad.
Wash, string and cut celery into rather large pieces. I like to use the inner pieces of the stalk to get the lighter colored stalks. I turn the stalk over where the V shape is pointing down toward the cutting board. Cut in downward angle motion starting at bottom working your way up the stalk.
Wash and cut circles no need to core, two apples cold. Leaving the star centers in tact. It's ok to eat the seeds. They're actually good or you. Cut other slices(not the star centered ones) in two. Cut up grape tomatoes and seeded red peppers. Add walnuts preferably whole. And pine nuts, preferably roasted. Sprinkle sparingly, Balsamic Vineger on top, toss and add Murrey River mineral salt. If you have your own mix or my lovely mix of Herbs de Provence sprinkle them too. Really tasty and really lite. Fresh.

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